Design Changes, Profile Pages Update and Admin Tools

I've been busy lately making some much needed improvements. I know I said I was going to go into more detail with a post about the API but I needed a break after that going live. As it is live and usable right now I'm just going to park that right now and continue pushing forward in other directions. I will come back to it and build a game using it.

So to get started I needed to rework the entire profile section. I needed to do this ever since the rebuild of the site. It wasn't done efficiently and neatly as it was one of the last things to do, I decided I'll come back to that later and make it better. So that's what I decided to do. It now is a lot faster to load, paginated and just overall more efficient. 

Hopefully you have noticed the design changes across the site too, including animations on the game pages etc. I then decided it was time to start pushing forward with my next development. It's been a long time over due, but I don't actually have a section for administrating the site. So I've now started creating some admin tools. It'll be an on going development but for now I have built the most important part. A game verification feature.

So as I hope a lot of you will know. I review new games after they are made public on the site, if the game isn't suitable I will then make that game private again. As we grow this isn't going to be feasible for the future.  Although that being said. I don't want to stop allowing instant releases of games until I have to. For every developer who uploads something not suitable is a developer eager to get their game played. So instead, there is now a label above games that I haven't reviewed yet, to warn the player that the game hasn't been verified. Once I then approve the game, the message will then be removed. I think this at least warns players before they decide to try a new game. As we grow bigger, these kind of features are the ones we will need so the admin tools allows me to create more things like this moving forward.