Create Your Own Dev Log or Post A Tutorial!

As a game developer it is important to market yourself in video game marketing. Posting content for others to learn from or to follow your game dev progress will help you in getting your name out there and enticing people to try your games! Which is important for indie game marketing.

This site isn't just a platform for helping developers who want to release web games. It is a platform for all developers! Even if your games are released on other platforms like steam,, google play or anywhere else then this site helps you not only connect with other amazing developers but also helps you build a name for yourself within the community. Which will drive more players to your games!

To get started with adding your dev logs or tutorials you will need to create a free account and return to this page.

Why Share a Dev Log?

Dev logs are your developer logs. So this could be posting anything about your game development such as sharing details about a released game, information about an update, show off artwork on a game your working on or explain the inner workings of one of your systems.

It will help keep people updated with what your doing, building a name for yourself as a developer or studio and drive more players or potential customers to your games. Helping you succeed as a game developer.

Why Post Your Tutorials?

Making a name for yourself isn't just all about making great games. It is also about helping other developers make great games too! Everyone remembers the people who wrote a great tutorial which helped you become a game developer. Most of all you will always want to help those developers back for helping you.

Posting a tutorial will not just help other developers but it will also help you. Developers who learn from tutorials are more likely to share your games with their twitter followers and facebook friends. It's only natural to want to help those who help you.

Benefits For Developers

Earn More

Gain exposure for your games!

Posting content will help your games gain more exposure and drive sales.

Mobile friendly

Become part of a developer community!

Learn, grow, like and interact with others on your game developer journey.

Greater traffic

Monitor your posts impact!

You will have access to a statistics panel for each post.

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