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Need a database for your html5 game? Try our free Game DB API when you release your games on our platform.

Game DB is our tool to create your own database for your game. With a whole user creation and authentication system for your game. Make simple requests to our API to read and save data to the database you create from within Game DB.

For more information take a look at our docs.

How to upload a html5 game

Games Created With

Click the below logo for the game engine you use to see just how easy it is to export your game files.

Cocos Creator


Construct 2

Construct 3

Unity WebGL

Gamemaker Studio


In Game Purchases?

Sell purchasable content in your games through our in game shop.

Have you got a full version of your game, more episodes, DLC or extra content you would like to sell in your game? Our platform makes it easy. Allowing you to create products for your game, that automatically creates the shop as a new layer over your game. There is no SDK that needs to be implemented, as the payments are processed on the platform through paypal directly into your paypal account. Making in game purchases quick, simple and secure.

Make simple API calls to check if the user owns a product or not, from within your own games code. Get a simple true or false response. Then unlock the content the user purchased from within your game if the response is true.

Simply create your products on your game edit page once you have created a game on our platform. Take a look at our docs to find out more information about the API and see the testing tool here.


Benefits For Developers

Mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly!

Build your games with mobile controls and your game will be playable on many mobile devices by visiting the website in a mobile browser.

Greater traffic

Greater Exposure!

Embed your game on any site or web page and still earn from every player, even when players play your game while on other sites.

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