Amulet Recovery

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Amulet Recovery

Welcome to Amulet Recovery a short casual adventure game about recovering a stolen amulet. Some Draklins (small demi-humans with a few rat and lizard features) have been causing trouble around the village of Spilark. Until now the trouble has mostly consisted of stealing food and small items of little value as well as acts of sabotage. Last night the Draklins managed to steal a fairly valuable amulet from the Comirands (a well to do family in Spilark). The Comirands have offered a nice reward to anyone who can recover the amulet from the Draklins. As a young child growing up in Spilark you learned the surrounding area well enough to know the location of the Draklin lair. As soon as you heard about the reward you quickly headed for the Draklin lair hoping to be the first one there to recover the amulet. You succeeded in reaching the lair first but in the process of rushing strait to the lair you forget to equip yourself with any gear other then the clothing you were wearing when you heard of the reward. Fortunately you have learned some things in your childhood that will allow you to make some improvised weapons and armor to help you recover the amulet. You have learned that various items can be altered and used as various types of weapons and armor. You know that bones can be used as weapons but tend to be brittle when used as such and will thus loose their ability to deal damage with use. You also know how to make a good shields and weapons out of furniture by breaking the furniture into pieces. Weapons created like this last much longer then bones and you also know how to use your fists even when you do not have weapons. You also learned how to use various animal pelts and hides for armor of varying degrees of protection. Your objective is simply to recover the stolen amulet any way possible. Using various items alone the way will help you to achieve this objective. Your vital stats are listed on the left side, messages are displayed at the top and various action menus will be displayed on the right. You can also interact with items by clicking on them as well as move from room to room by clicking on the arrows. Good luck on recovering the amulet and after you recover the amulet do not forget to replay the game to explore more areas of the dungeon you have not explored.

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5 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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