Blu Bubble Ant

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Blu Bubble Ant

Simple 3 Button Controls:

WASD Move (x2 Dash)

I - Buddy Attack

O - Player Attack (+A/D Shoot +P Heal)

P - Queen Action

HuD and Exit Controls:

Enter - Toggles HuD

ESC - Exit back to Main Menu

Pause - Button on the top of the screen



You play as a former outcast and help the Queen rescue your kind.

The goal is to rescue and recruit allies to help fight and breakthrough rocks while collecting 100 Bubbles in order to help the Queen extract power from Aedra Flowers.

On the final round of each 3-round cycle you'll march through a wave of enemies until you reach the end of the stage.



  • Start - Begin at the first stage of the game.
  • Cycle Select - Choose a cycle up to the latest one you've reached this play session (or any cycle if you find the cheat code).
  • Tutorial - Playthrough the tutorial stage.
  • Extras - Toggle unlockables, view the gallery or input cheat codes.



1. Main Menu = Kirk Osamayo - Concrete Jungle CC BY 4.0

2. Level Select = Marc Ferry - The escape CC BY 4.0


4. Rounds 1-3 = Kirk Osamayo - Jungle Stream CC BY 4.0

5. Rounds 4-6 = Little Glass Men - Desert Castles CC BY 4.0

6. Rounds 7-9 = Evan Schaeffer - Laurel Breeze CC BY 4.0

7. Rounds 10-12 = Mid-Air Machine - Sands of Windhoek CC BY-SA 4.0

8. Round 12 Boss = Bacalao - Demain ne sera plus jamais comme avant  CC BY 4.0

9. Round 13 = voide - the one who stole christmas CC BY 4.0

10. Results = Kevin MacLeod - Running Fanfare CC BY 4.0

11. Ending = Anthem of Rain - Lights And Breeze CC BY 4.0

12. Unlocked = Danny Bale - Bronkelton Part II_ Titles CC BY 4.0

Patch Notes

Below are the patch notes from the past updates to this game.

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8 months ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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