Bricks N Ballz

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Bricks N Ballz

Introduction -

This bricks breaker game is loved by everyone ,critics have liked it people around the world are enjoying this fun casual game and surely you will have a nice relaxing experience playing this simple bricks game, its a guarantee.

If you are looking for a fun casual game or strategy game or just a simple relaxing game, this blocks and balls game is way to go. This bricks breaker game gives you the most enjoyable , addictive and relaxing experience.

If you are a music lover then this balls and blocks game has surely something to offer, as this bricks breaker game has a very relaxing and soothing music and all the soundtracks have been carefully selected and blended perfectly with the aim and shoot game play of this blocks shooting game.

Amazing graphics is an understatement for this aim and shoot game, The soothing and simple graphics coupled with relaxing music of this shooting bricks game not only gives you a very enjoyable experience but also relaxes your mind.

Lot of items have been provided to unlock, so you never get bored and excitement levels remain intact while playing this bricks and balls game


Game features -

Form strategy and aim and shoot balls to break as much bricks and blocks.

Try to score as much as possible by breaking blocks to climb the leader boards.

Aim and shoot at coins to collect them and unlock products from the shop.

Select the ball that you want to play with and break maximum blocks.

Select the color theme that you want to play with from multiple themes. Explore all the casual soothing themes.

Select the music of your choice from multiple soundtracks that have been provided. Unlock all the awesome soundtracks.

Updates -

More color themes are in progress to enhance the simple soothing casual graphics of this bricks vs balls game.

More soundtracks will be provided for giving users an ultimate feel with the most amazing and soothing music that one can experience while playing this blocks breaker game.

Multiple power ups are in pipeline to give users an unforgettable fun and relaxing experience.

Multiplayer is on the list.

We are open to suggestions please provide your valuable feedback and new features requests in the comments section.

Additional notes -

People are just going crazy for this blocks breaking fun casual game and critics are treating this game as their baby , honestly critics have never been this happier before. Its the fun enjoying game play or the nicest casual soothing graphics or the carefully selected relaxing music, what ever might be the reason but there is something very attractive very impressive and very fascinating about this aim and shoot game that people can not stop playing this blocks breaking game. 

This fun casual game is just not about bricks vs balls or breaking bricks or just aim and shoot at blocks but you also have to form strategy to play and excel at this game.

The main idea behind the game is to provide the users an ultimate combination of casual game play soothing graphics and relaxing music and all these three elements have been achieved to a great extent in this bricks vs balls game, you will have to play it to believe it.

A very sincere requests to our awesome users is to please rate and review this aim and shoot brick breaking game. As a lot of hard work has been put in this game and your positive rating and review will motivate and inspire us to bring more awesome content like this in the future , Thank You.

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3 years ago
vankizzle Rated:

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3 years ago
iDev Rated:

Hi, Game wouldn't load for me.

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