Chess Racer

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Chess Racer

This is a casual chess mini-game for one player. 
You control a chess pawn. You may capture opposing pieces diagonally or go forward on an empty square.
There are only 3 columns (files), but there are infinitely many rows (ranks). Go up the board and capture as many pieces as you can in a limited time.

Points for capturing:
♟ Pawn ♟ - 1 point
♞ Knight ♞ - 3 points
♝ Bishop ♝ - 3 points
♜ Rook ♜ - 5 points
♛ Queen ♛ - 9 points

Controls: Click/Tap on a column to go one square in the direction of the column.
Keyboard controls: Use arrows to move. Forward arrow to move forward, left and right arrows to capture diagonally.

Easy mode: You need to look just one move ahead.
Hard mode: You need to look 3 moves ahead. If you don't you will fall into traps with no possible moves.

Time Controls: There are multiple time modes in the game.
Bullet ► you have 5 seconds for the race and you get small amount of time for each move
Rapid ► you have 15 seconds for the race and you get more time for each move
Lightning ► you have 1 second for each move
Classic ► you don't have any time limit

Customization: You can change colors of your pawn, opposing pieces, game board and background in the 3 bar Menu►CustomColors

High Scores are saved for each Time Control and Difficulty.

Tip: When playing hard mode, remember that you need to look 3 moves ahead after each move.

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4 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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4 years ago
Tymski Rated:


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