Crowd Control

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Crowd Control

Society has fallen apart (as it tends to). Your job, as Dwayne the Rock Johnson, is to defend the people from themselves (and also falling buildings). Thankfully, you happen to have an infinite number of boulders stored in your pocket, so you can throw them at whatever you see fit. As everyone knows, Dwayne the Rock Johnson also has telekinesis, so you may grab and move people if they begin to get too rowdy. Just make sure to be gentle with them… The citizens will lose sanity and hunger, so you may need figure out ways to deal with such situations. Oh, and they also don’t particularly enjoy being lonely… Do you have what it takes to protect humanity from the various issues that result from stupidity and poor construction, or will all your efforts be in vain…?

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An Intellegent Entity

These lil buggers are the dumbest form of intellegent, they are 100 percent driven by their emotions and will act impulsivly, it is up to you to make sure they dont kill themselves and eachother.

They are primarilly driven by three emotions, Fear (or Anger), Hunger, and Sadness. They naturally are more prone to certain actions from the beginning of their existence some more than others.

For instance, Patty, the hamburger, will restore hunger to people nearby; however, thier existence proves dangerous, they are more easily agitated and will lash out more frequently. Each individual will be more or less likely to become stressed out over little things and in turn will anger those around them.

Be Careful and Good Luck!


ModdingMachine - Coder

SS9 - Artist

Rose - Artist

Kellen - Musician

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1 year ago
A47851 Rated:

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2 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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