CyLyNdEr WaRp

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CyLyNdEr WaRp

2136 A.C. the coorporation have replaced the world governament, everything is manage to a computer system named E.C.O.RE, the mankind live every day with the system, but the real goal of the system is remove the free will and control the mankind mind, replacing the peoples with the no creativity dolls mindless.
You are a hacker, you refuse the system, you have write a program, the voxel, to infiltrate in the E.C.O.RE network known as Cylynder Warp, and download a data for unmask the system real target.
You have one shoot try to reach the network core through 9 security levels and destroy the evil system.

make your mind free, make your creativity free, make yourself free.

Intrusion, Ready, Hack

Run and destroy first five security levels

  • Simple keyboard controls
  • stylish graphics 
  • enjoy a experience with awersome musics background
  • more power up available in game
  • collects data folder for finish level
  • support large amount android devices

Help us to destroy evil system and make our mind free.

The control is simple, left and right arrow for move, space for shoot missile.

This game is create for android device and if you want try on smartphone you can download it for free from this link.

I hope like my work and enjoy!

have fun!



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5 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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5 years ago
vankizzle Rated:

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5 years ago
Huemerson Rated:

Good Game...

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