Deth Island

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Deth Island

[This is my submission for a game jam called Pre-Made Jam 2.]


Don't let any humans reach the right side of the screen!


  • Space: Start game
  • WASD: Move
  • J: Summon Small Slime (1 Soul)
  • K: Summon Medium Slime (1 Soul)
  • L: Summon Large  Slime (1 Soul)
  • U: Summon Skeleton Archer (2 Souls)
  • I: Summon Quarterbone (3 Souls)
  • O: Summon Boneserker (5 Souls)
  • Esc: Return to Main Menu

Your Units:

  • Slimes: Chase after nearby enemies but dissolve after attacking a certain number of enemies. Smaller Slimes move faster but can attack fewer enemies before dissolving. Larger Slimes move more slowly but can attack more enemies.

  • Skeleton Archer: Stands in place and shoots an arrow every few seconds. Will die upon contact with an enemy or most enemy attacks.

  • Quarterbone: Runs to nearby enemies, killing them on contact. Cannot be damaged by most attacks, but will crumble after 10 seconds.

  • Boneserker: The red version of the Quarterbone. Runs faster but is more costly and crumbles after only 3 seconds. For emergencies only!


  • Warrior/Thief/Knight: Runs to the right side of the screen.
    • Warrior:  Standard enemy; a new one appears every few seconds.
    • Thief: Runs faster than Warrior and Knight.
    • Knight: Takes more hits than Warrior and Thief.

  • Archer: Shoots arrows that can destroy your units. Can ride Dogs. Stands in place if not riding a Dog.

  • Dog: Can carry an Archer. You will not lose if Dog reaches the right side of the screen since it is not a Human.

  • Wizard: Warps closer to the right  side of the screen every few seconds. Can take more damage than most other enemies.

  • Blood Mage: Rises out of the sea of blood. Will create a Blood Ball that destroys any of your units on contact.

  • UFO: The boss of the game. Moves slowly to the right, as well as up and down. Drops Running Bombs that explode on your units.

  • Running Bomb: Dropped by the UFO boss. Runs quickly to your nearest unit and explodes on contact. The explosion will destroy all units it touches.


The Grim Reaper takes the souls of dead to Hell and keeps them there.

Sometimes people will gather at Refugee Island, a piece of land surrounded by blood and lost souls. They try to build an army there so they can try to escape together. The Reaper caught on to their plans and paid a visit to the island, awaiting their next attempt to escape...


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2 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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