Eduro Champion

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Eduro Champion

In a quiet country town, Sheriff Cactus Champion will have to face forces of darkness that dominated the region  coming from outer space. Fight halloween beings and crazy scarecrows! Win the race against the Boss to Get to your secret hideout. Grab the powerup to gain more speed!

play the level of the cars with the normal racing controls:

arrow keys - directional

accelerate - forward


be careful not to hit your opponent too hard!


play the level with the keyboard controls for fighting:

Z - punch

X - kick

ctrl - shot

space - jump / the jump can be double!

jump+arrows > move forward

arrows - moves

shift + arrows - run

help > h

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3 weeks ago
vankizzle Rated:

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1 year ago
Huemerson Rated:

Very good, nice graphics

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1 year ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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