Fire Boy

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Fire Boy

Fire Boy


This top-down magic shooter was created for the Random Generation Jam and as such, these levels are created procedurally from set pieces. I had a lot of fun building this and if interest is shown, I'd like to build a game around this concept with multiple characters, multiplayer and dungeons instead of arenas. Obviously, there would be loads of other features too. Thanks for playing!

The main objective is to survive as long as possible while more and more skeletons spawn into the arena. You have limited mana, and your spells have cooldowns so try and manage them wisely. Find Mana-Pads to refill your mana and Health-Pads to refill your health. Spells and Controls listed below.

The high score table was made possible due to another entrant. Out of respect for that team and the jam, I'm going to wait to fully implement high scores till after the jam concludes. I have gone ahead and started tracking high scores on the desktop versions of the game.

The desktop versions are what I consider the complete versions of the game (as the web version has some features turned off).

Also, keep in mind if you rate me on the game jam (Which I would really appreciate). That was submitted with version 1.0 and I will not be updating to 1.1 until the Jam has concluded.


  • WASD - Move
  • Shift - Sprint
  • E - Fire Rune
  • R - Fire Storm (Not yet implemented)
  • Right Click - Fire Stream
  • Left Click - Fire Ball
  • Escape - Restart

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5 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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