Halloween the beginning

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halloween the beginning


This is how the story of hollow men begins. HALLOWEEN.


You will not dare enter when you hear the authentic story of HALLOWEEN.

What is HALLOWEEN you will ask?

A long long time ago. In a town called HALLOWEEN. The kings had

to his first and only daughter, hallie. But this was not normal, half human half of another world.

 A dark world full of creatures of the night. An immense sadness envelops

the heart of the princess hallie. The only thing capable of comforting her were the candies.

The king ordered his whole kingdom to create bags and bags of goodies. When hallie ate candy

his dark half seemed to be lost in the darkness. When I did not, with just one look

I could go back to the hollow men. Every year the candy day was celebrated, where all

children without exception received their bag of candy. And it was the children

happy of the world. But one day, she purnell a wicked and powerful witch tired of so many laughs,

He decided that it was time to keep quiet. I raise my arms, fiercely looked at his cat in the eyes

and I cast a spell casting a spell on the candies. These seemed to become more soft and sticky, at the same time

They levitated and stuck to each other.

I could see how a big ball, formed by many candies, came out the window in the direction

 to the town square. Corri has warned my king of what was happening that night.

When it arrives at its rooms, the king and its guard had been victims of the glance of the princess

and now they were hollow men. I knew I had to do something. but I do? I am not a gentleman.

I gathered my courage and ran after the big candy ball. Each time it was bigger, they joined more

candies. It was slow and I could reach it, I was flying over the old cemetery. To which nobody was going,

stories of ghosts and other creatures were told. I stopped by the side of the road and saw a pumpkin.

Then I knew. I will throw the pumpkin to the big ball. Maybe he makes her fall.

I picked up the pumpkin and released it with all my strength. White! the sweets were scattered.

But a chill ran through my body, when I saw that the pumpkin that I had thrown had crooked life.

He had a big smoky mouth and it came out of his eyes. Slowly and looking into my eyes with a

 Evil smile was inside the cemetery shrouding in the fog. The ghost stories

 I was not afraid of the old cemetery anymore. When I discovered that there was a pumpkin patch

 next to the cemetery. I got my courage, I had to get those candy, whatever it was.

Slowly I took a step and scanned through the fog what was under my feet.

And I picked up the carmelos. I could see what was in each slab that was next to me. A lollipop, a candy

and a grave. I had to be sure where I would step, I did not want to wake any inhabitant there.

I kept going and I made a bad decision. I stepped on a grave, something seemed to move inside. I went ahead and

Shortly afterwards I noticed something coming out of that grave. I crouched in the fog and saw something similar to a man,

but he also looked like a wolf.


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5 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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