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Explore "infinite" metroid-like levels generated on the fly.  Play with 4 different guns, and find all the health/jump pickups for that sweet 100% completion.  Beat the boss, escape the planet, then do it all again on another map!  32 of them actually, due to how codes work, but it's enough to last a while. ;)




LEFT and RIGHT to walk.

Z and X are used for input/jumping/shooting.

Hold DOWN and press Z to swap weapons once you find an alternate gun.

DOWN interacts with SHIP and ELEVATORS (yes, even for going up.  Sorry, I know it's confusing but it prevents the map from triggering.)  Hold the button down to HEAL while standing on the SHIP.  When escaping, get back to your ship, stand on it, and press DOWN to win the game!

UP shows the MAP.  It's primitive, but it should help in most cases of being lost.  Beware that time passes while viewing it in the escape sequence, so for the best time records you will want to get familiar with the planet layout before collecting that final capsule.


  • Fighting the boss without upgrades is super hard.  It is recommended you bring special ammo from later in the game.
  • The deeper you go, the harder enemies will hit.  Use your map and be careful around new screens to avoid any quick surprise death from being swarmed.
  • Missiles are recommended for the later depths, as your little pea shooter won't keep up with the swarms of scaled up enemies.
  • Remember good spots to grind for ammo/health.  This knowledge can come in handy during the escape!
  • You have infinite time for the exploring part of the mission, the timer will just get stuck at 99 and your record will suck, but the game will let you finish regardless.
  • Write down any codes you find interesting to play, the game will regenerate the same way when you use the same code.  You can also share codes to "challenge" others to beat your time/percentage score.
  • The boss has a secret to hitting him, don't just unload without watching carefully.  Hit his weak point enough and he will go down, I promise.

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5 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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