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Land Of Might MMROPG

Land Of Might MMORPG | Retro Bullet-Hell Roguelike Browser game / Web Game | NO Signup Required

Land of Might is a unique MMORPG where the entire world operates as a PvE (Player versus Environment) system involving NPCs. Each time an NPC defeats another NPC, it grows stronger, and its “might” increases. Players also accumulate might by defeating NPCs, who, in turn, drop special items like swords, armor, shields, and potions.

Depending on your accumulated might, you can subjugate weaker NPCs and enlist them to fight for you, effectively forming your own army.

However, death in the Land of Might is far from straightforward. Players have two critical stats: blood and body (among others). Different NPCs inflict various types of damage. If you run out of blood, the grim reaper arrives, destroying your body and ending your life. You are then sent to the underworld. Similarly, if you deplete your body stat, the same fate awaits you.

In the underworld, apparitions spawn, relentlessly attempting to kill you. But fear not! At the far end of the underworld lies a portal that allows you to escape back to the living world.

Should you meet your demise in the underworld, you are sent to hell. Here, when any NPC dies, they too find themselves in hell. Powerful demons and monsters spawn there, seeking to obliterate them. Each time you die in hell, you lose half of your body stat until you have none left. At that point, it’s GAME OVER, and you must start anew. There is also a portal to the living world deep within hell.

Official website:

Play Online here:




(You may have seen Land Of Might elsewhere, but over the past few weeks I completely remastered all of the graphics)

Patch Notes

Below are the patch notes from the past updates to this game.

added a message when the server is full, increased the server player cap.

fixed an issue where the server wasn't removing buffered syncs and also fixed bugs I created in my previous update.

improved performance by over 500%. All NPC and players are now synced with the server, fixed server bugs.

fixed minor server bugs that the previous update caused

Fixed some serious server issues, npc's now sync across all clients as well as their health/stats, fixed packet loss issues, fixed issues with the grim reaper.

npc's can now subjugate eachother and form groups. re-balanced vitality & defence. re-priced potions. fixed a bug where enemy NPC's who were subjugated still try to attach eachother.

re-balanced most of the game, changed some sprites & fixed some bugs.

updated projectile sprites

fixed a bug where some people's cache does not update, due to the previous update fixing the major server issues, these users can effectively re-create the bug. From now on, the browser will not store cache so these bugs cannot exist due to pre-cached bugs.

fixed some serious server issues that were causing players to de-sync & fixed the bug where when a second player joins the server the grim reaper immediately thinks they're dead and kills them.

updated some sprites, nerfed satan, buffed the demon king

fixed more minor bugs

fixed a bug where weren't taking damage from friendly NPC after you attack them. Fixed another bug where you were automatically brought back into the game after you died & change the background.

fixed a bug where the grim reaper attacking players after restarting.

lots of changes. There is now a health bar, no more UI markers, the game has been optimized to use much less CPU, more low-level enemy area, base vitality has been increased, might required to cross darkness in the underworld has been reduced to 1. the grim reaper starts population control. Minor bug fixes.

The grim reaper now kills off npcs too, decreased npc spawn rates, improved efficiency, buffed satan, made player projectiles larger and increased the default projectile fire distance for players with no dexterity.

fixed issues with high ram usage, improved the map, improved NPC logic, they will now dodge projectiles, fixed possible issues with server timing out while players connect. Fixed a possible issue where webgl runs out of ram.

changed the player sprites and made some new animations, also changed up some sprites for various npcs. Also fixed some server-lag issues.

re-balanced the items & npc. Made npc noises quieter.

fixed the bug where if you were in the underworld or hell & left the game, you would end up spawning into an empty portion of the map the next time you joined.

increased the projectile fire rate & fixed the bug where the portal to escape hell just leads back to hell

added a limit on friendly npcs that spawn in the village to reduce lag

fixed a bug where the grim reaper doesn't spawn in during certain circumstances. Fixed/mitigated an issue with opengl using 2gb ram and crashing.

fixed a bug where mobs were not being destroyed after hell becomes full & increased the capacity of hell

There was a bug where demon kings weren't spawning, it is fixed.

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2 weeks ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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3 weeks ago
LandOfMight Rated:

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