Mirage Online Classic - MMORPG

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Mirage Online Classic - MMORPG

Mirage Online Classic is a free-to-play 2d retro MMORPG and is the spiritual successor to the creator's 2001 landmark MMO, Mirage Online. Level your character while exploring a vast world filled with quests, monsters and mystery. Create guilds, loot treasure, chat with friends and become increasingly powerful in this fun MMORPG! Also available on Steam, Google Play and via any web browser.


✔︎ Play on Android, Browser, Steam & PC
✔︎ 10+ Quest Challenges
✔︎ English & International Chat
✔︎ 6 Primary Professions (Paladin, Mage, Cleric, Assassin, Barbarian & Ranger)
✔︎ Each Profession has unique abilities
✔︎ 500+ different NPCs
✔︎ 500+ different items
✔︎ 9+ skills to train including Cooking, Fishing & Gathering
✔︎ Intense skill based PVP gameplay
✔︎ Guild system including alliances & wars
✔︎ Custom guild sprites
✔︎ NO Pay to Win!
✔︎ NO Auto-Play / Macroing!

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3 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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