Morterra - Multiplayer Browser Survival

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Morterra - Multiplayer Browser Survival

"Land of Death" - An online survival sandbox browser game. ๐Ÿคบ Kill, mine, and build ANYWHERE! ๐Ÿ” No download! ๐Ÿ’ป Play now for free! ๐Ÿ•น

Morterra is an online survival game set at the dawn of man. You awake with absolutely nothing and must find food, water, and protection from others. You will need tools to build a base to protect yourself, armors to defend against attacks, and weapons to fight back. You will eventually grow tired and need to sleep. However, while you sleep you are still vulnerable to attacks, so you must build adequate protection for yourself to survive the night.


The world contains no edges, no "safe-zones" (other than bases you build for yourself), and players can construct/destruct at their own will, but be conscious of whose stuff you destroy!

You do not need to download anything, just visit the website and it will load onto your browser!

Play Now: Morterra - 3D Multiplayer Survival Browser Game

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1 year ago
A47851 Rated:

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4 years ago
iDev Rated:

Fantastic game, well done!

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