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(for best results hold down the mouse and run around like a maniac around people)

Hard times have befallen our brave default protagonist Harold.

Apparently being the default game engine sprite is not the lucrative career he had imagined.

Now after years of battling depression and addiction poor harold is left to fend for himself on the streets while all the sprites he once called friends have moved on with there life and gotten real jobs.

Help Harold scrape up enough cash for an apartment or survive long enough to get a shelter bed.

The most realistic Panhandling experience next to running a crowd funding campaign

Can you survive the streets?

Test your persistance as everyone around tries there best to ignore you, avoid the fuzz who will take all your hard earned cash! Keep fed, keep happy, stay alive!

Good Luck! 

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1 year ago
KosmoCat Rated:

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5 years ago
adjorr Rated:

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5 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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5 years ago
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