Pirates' Battle DEMO

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Pirates' Battle DEMO


Live the experience of being in a naval battle against other pirate ships like no other game offers.


This game is just an idea for now so it still has a lot of bugs and bad made things (just like the poor wave system and a single model of ship to play). I just want to see if it has potential, so I need your feedback to be motivated to continue the project or abandon it. If you like the idea I will make it be a complete game.

So I hope you enjoy!



- You can regulate sounds volume and game difficulty at the options page.

- W and S open and close sails, respectively.

- Q and E shoots left and right cannons, respectively.

- Click the bullets icon to buy more.

- Press I and O to respectively zoom in and out the camera.

- The little flag at the right bottom shows the wind direction, use it to sail faster.

- The man at the left bottom shows the nearest enemy out of sight.

- Remember to click at the treasure chests at the enemy ships when they're open to collect them.

- Heavier ships are better to collide with other ships, but they will be slower and less maneuverable.

- Heavier cannons shoot further and do more damage, but are slower at reloading.

- Bigger sails are faster, but also easier to hit.

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4 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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