S.A.O Survival

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S.A.O Survival

The story of <Sword Art Online: S.A.O Survival> is set on a slightly alternate timeline from the original series of the Anime and Light Novel.

Kirito and company went back to challenge Aincrad (Located at the top of the World Tree) once again to clear the 100 floors, but never did they expect that there were more than the new game patches to look forward to! Face off against monsters and bosses you have never been able to challenge, take on new quests and finish off the 100 floors which Kirito and the rest did not manage to previously.

Please be reminded that this is only a fan-made game and not an official one, but I will be putting in effort to try and complete this.

I do not know how to contact the SAO publisher about copyright. So this game is totally free

Project support Online


This game is fan-made

The game is currently worked on by only one person, so updates may be slow

Credits go to its due owners, no matter the plugins or resources

In future there will be application downloads for operating systems

The development is still in the early stages, thus some time is still needed till the release of the Beta version.

This game is currently availabe for Mobile,PC,Webbrowser

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