Simple RPGs

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Simple RPGs

Choose one of four heroes, proficient with swords, spells, and skills to fight through a horde of monsters on your quest to find the lost amulet and your fortune. Learn new skills and spells during your adventure, or acquire items which will help you survive. First time players are recommended to read instructions below first.

Press Enter to open Pico-8 menu, use arrow keys to move and X/Z/C to options. Use left and right arrow keys to change volume levels. 


  • Search: Locates secret walls and traps within range
  • Stealth: Teleports player randomly around map
  • Smite: Powerful attack on all creatures surrounding player
  • Turn Undead: Powerful attack all undead within range+3


  • Teleport: Teleports player randomly around map
  • Detect: Locates secret walls and traps within range+2
  • Mapping: Reveals map
  • Healing: Restores player back to full health
  • Recovery: Restores player back to full stamina
  • Fireball: Moderate attack on all creatures within range+3
  • Firebolt: Strong attack on one creature within range+3


  • Tome of Magic: Player learns one spell not already known
  • Tome of Skill: Player learns one skill not already known
  • Potion of healing: Restores player back to full health
  • Potion of stamina: Restores player back to full stamina
  • Potion of mana: Restores player back to full magic

Game Controls:

  • Arrow keys to move/attack
  • X or V to use skill/select menu
  • Z or C to open/close menu
  • Ctrl+M to turn off sounds
  • Enter to open Pico-8 menu

Menu Controls:

  • Arrow keys to select option
  • X or V to select option
  • Z or C to go back to previous menu
  • Ctrl+M to turn off sounds

Generic Pico-8 Controls:

  • Toggle Fullscreen: Alt+Enter 
  • Reload/Run/Restart cart: Ctrl+R
  • Mute/Unmute: Ctrl+M
  • Player 1 defaults: Cursors + ZX / NM / CV
  • Player 2 defaults: SDFE + WA
  • Enter or P for pause menu (while running)

Mobile Controls:

  • Very similar except in the virtual handset the O button represents the Z key


  • You can use any game controllers recognized by SDL with PICO-8

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1 year ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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