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Welcome to our new game "SLIDE CUBE"! Get ready for a thrilling ride full of adrenaline and adventure. Your task is to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line.

The game is controlled using the right and left arrow keys or the D (right) and A (left) keys. Your CUBE automatically moves forward and you have to control its movement to avoid the various obstacles that appear on the way. Be alert and react quickly to avoid collisions with obstacles.

This game contains 15 levels full of challenges and excitement. You will need to hone your skills and strategic thinking to conquer each level. Or maybe you'll be so clever that you'll beat it on your first try?

Be careful, because the game will get progressively faster and the obstacles will increase in difficulty. Quick reflection and good coordination are required. If you hit an obstacle, the game will end and you will have the opportunity to try again and improve your score.

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11 months ago
VK Rated:

wonderful slide sensation

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1 year ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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