Snake GO!

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Snake GO!

The Classic Snake Game is Here!

Controls of the game is very simple.
Click ⬆️ to go up
Click ⬇️ to go down
Click ➡️ to go right
                                Click ⬅️ to go left

Try not to eat wall / snake in the game. If you do then the game will lead to this stage, Which is simply Game Over message.

You can also adjust snake speed and wall visibility in settings. Make your high score and master to the Hard Mode. Make your Snake evolve big as by eating the Food. Big Snake means more challenges! More Updates coming soon.

Please feel free to share your valuable comments.  Snake Go!


Coming Soon:

! New Challenging Snake Levels

! Multiplayer Mode

! Time Countdown Challenge 

! Beautiful Game Environment and sound effects. 


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1 year ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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1 year ago
Pro Gamer Con Rated:

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