Soccer new age world cup

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soccer new age world cup

soccer new age world cup


          Short description :

Win the  world  of the  fifa  fun game of  sport 


          Long description :

Come play the most fun sheet metal game. Catch the ball, change your direction of passes. Soccer game in which counts strategy and skill. Evolve your players. Earn points with wins to improve your players. Speed ??and technique are the most important thing to defeat your opponent. A game of  sports  fun.

MODE OF PLAY  soccer new age :

Select your language The team you want to participate with

In each turn you will have to move all your team. Beware the strategy is very important. You must take into account your opponent's play to not leave your goal alone.

Calculate the speed according to your technique and jump to the ball to catch it. This will give your player an extra turn.

To give a pass, direct the ball to a player who has already been moved. Calculate speed to give the pass and throw the ball with presision so that this catches it.

When a player has possession of the ball and it is his turn, you choose the direction where you want the ball to go.

If the opponent has possession of the ball you can not take it away, it's time to defend.

Soccer new age is a sports game based on the football world of the  fifa . Never a set of badges had been so fun.

 How to challenge a specific opponent.

To do this simply create a server and tell your friend how you called the created server. He must put the same name and give the button to play with friend. This will link you and you can participate together.



* Easy drive


* Intuitive


* Multiplayer


* More than 30 teams to choose from.


* Multilanguage


* Challenge a specific friend.


* Low data consumption.


* Low weight of the application.

Important note.

The first time you run  soccer new age world cup , you were asked for a nickname. This nick is to differentiate you from other opponents and will not be stored by us.

You will never be asked for emails or passwords from the boot wars sector.

our privacy policy:


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5 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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5 years ago
vankizzle Rated:

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5 years ago
Huemerson Rated:

Good game...

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