Star wars sector

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star wars sector


   Star wars sector little description.

Come to conquer the universe with your laser sword in star wars sector.

 Star wars sector higher description.         

Come to conquer the universe and defend it from its greatest threat. Strategy, logic and mind await you in this exciting game of star wars. Multiplayer game. Ease of finding opponents without too much waiting.

The galaxy has always been in constant war. Two sides confronted by the galaxy conspire. Sector by sector, the galaxy is being construed. In each sector a star war to get it at your feet. Strategy, a cold and calculating mind could conquer more sectors than an enThink quickly, strategically place your sword and mislead the enemy to get more sectors in one movement than your enemy. Twenty seconds separate you from each movement. Create large sectors and then conquer them in a single turn

     How to play 

According to the orders received, we must go to the galaxy.

We will place our laser sword in the delimitation of the sector that we wish to obtain. 

Each sector has 4 delimitations. The player who achieves the last delimitation of the sector will have conquered that sector.

You must use your mind to avoid falling into the traps of the enemy, each captured sector will return our turn again to place another laser sword.

The more the battle advances. The more we find a delimitation that prevents our enemy from capturing the sector.


- Multiplayer.

- Fast or normal mode.

- Turn-based game.

- Fast opponent found.

- Low weight of the application.

- Little data consumption.

Important note.

The first time you run star wars sector, you were asked for a nickname. This nick is to differentiate you from other opponents and will not be stored by us.

You will never be asked for emails or passwords from the start wars sector.

our privacy policy:



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5 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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