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StarFist The Game Beta 0.7.0

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StarFist The Game Beta 0.7.0

Works of Firefox(its not a mobile game but you can play as player 1 if you activate joystick)

WASD Player 1 Move

ZXC-Player 1 Attacks

E-Player 1 Transform

Q-Player 1 Drop Transformation

Arrows Player 2 Move

JKL-Player 2 Attacks

O-Player 2 Transform

U-Player 2 Drop Transformation


23 Playable characters+ 23 Stages.

Some Story levels to unlock parts of the characters. ITs still unfinished . Just wanted to share it, and for test.
Online Mode:

Create Room:Hosts a room, you are player 1 and can choose the stage in multiplayer battles.

Join Room: You are player 2 in multplayer, cant choose stages, you must wait until opponent finishes his choices and try rejoining many times until you join(if not joining)

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