The CULTZONE HolyGrail (Beta)

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The CULTZONE HolyGrail (Beta)

An Adventure that will investigate the whereabouts of the guardians of the Chalice of Christ in the Lands of Scotland. Embark on this challenge by sea, land and air, finding sacred relics, helping villagers and discovering quests, hunting monsters and gaining appreciation from beautiful damsels in distress! Show all your bravery in this game where only the honorable will reach the end!

Uma Aventura que irá investigar o paradeiro dos guardiões do cálice de Cristo pelas Terras da Escócia. Embarque neste desafio por mar, terra e o ar, encontrando relíquias sagradas, ajudando aldeões e descobrindo missões, caçando monstros e ganhando apreço de belas donzelas em perigo! Mostre toda sua bravura neste jogo onde só os honrados chegarão ao final!

Find this mystery solutions with the keyboard controls for adventure:

Z - slice

X - knock

ctrl - shot

space - horse / 

space+arrows > horse fastforward

arrows - moves


shift + arrows - walk run

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2 months ago
vankizzle Rated:

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1 year ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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