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  • About the game:

    TriggerTaps is a simple but fun game that will make you feel like a real wild west gunslinger. In this game, you have to face your opponents in deadly duels, testing your reflexes and your reaction ability to pull the trigger before them. The game is easy to play but hard to master, ideal for anyone who likes a challenge. The game has simple but well-made graphics, with pixel art characters reminiscent of 8-bit era games and a cartoon-style desert setting that creates a wild west atmosphere. The sound effects are immersive, with an impactful countdown and realistic gunfire sound. You can play TriggerTaps anytime and anywhere as it is compatible with most web browsers. You can also install the game as a PWA (Progressive web app) on multiple platforms or as a standalone app on major app stores for free. The game is rated free for all ages and supports Portuguese, English and Spanish languages. Plus, you can use your mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen to play the game the way you like. If you like western games and want to have fun alone or with your friends, don't waste your time and play TriggerTaps, the addictive duel game set in the Wild West!

  • Game modes:

    The game has two modes: one player and two players. In single player mode, you play alone against increasingly faster opponents in each level and try to achieve the fastest shooter achievement. After completing all levels, you can share your achievement with your friends and challenge them. In two player mode, you can duel a friend on the same device using split screen. Each player has their own half of the screen and their own virtual trigger. The winner is whoever pulls the trigger the fastest after the countdown.

  • How to play?

    You need to be aware of the sound and visual signals that indicate when you can shoot. If you take too long, your opponent shoots you and you lose. If you shoot too soon, your character gets stuck and you lose too. You need to find the balance between speed and accuracy to press on your character and shoot at the right moment to hit your opponents before they hit you.

    Keyboard mapping:
    Single player: Any key
    Multiplayer player1:F
    Multiplayer player2:J

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9 months ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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