Tropical Bomber: Toon Rescue

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Tropical Bomber: Toon Rescue


  1. Use Arrow Keys or (ASDW) to Move the Aircraft.  Shoot Aircrafts and collect Coins.
  2. Buy 3 types of Bullets.  Press 1,2,3  ONLY ONCE  to Fire  one round of respective Bullet. Bullet Cost increases for next round of Fire.
  3. Enemy Base can be destroyed only with Bomb (Press 2).

Ten Toon friends dare to adventure into a virginal Tropical Forest. Little do they know of the dangers ahead; a land full of Enemy Aircrafts and Tanks. Their Toonship was attacked and is now destroyed. As Toons lose their way in the dense forest, You are assigned on a Rescue mission to fly your Toonship to the forest and rescue the Toons.

Objectives of the Mission

  1. Rescue all 10 Toons
  2. Destroy 6 Enemy Bases
  3. Defeat Enemy Boss Aircraft

ENEMY BASE - can be only destroyed by a Bomb ( Press 2 to Fire a Bomb) 

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2 years ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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