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Posted: 2019-08-17 22:46:07 |    Posted by Enter Entertainment Studio |    ententstd.blogspot.com

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Hello everyone,

to many of you this might not come as a surprise but today officially Enter Entertainment Studio project ceases to exist. It was a fun and wonderful journey but the time has come. Even tough I do not stop with game development I think it's time to move on. Let's be honest, my games (that I published) were never much complicated and that was and is fine to me as I had much fun making them. But now I feel more like I have to move on in order to learn more things and essentially become better. I already done some progress as creating my first inventory system and right now I am taking a part in the Weekly Game Jam #110. I will also now focus on creating more smaller games rather than a big one. If you want to follow me you can on Twitter or my new itch.io page.

An advice.

Over the 3 years of the existence of the Enter Entertainment Studio project I have learnt two things. Participate in game jams, make smaller games, read and watch tutorials and listen to others. I did a mistake by trying to make a big project that I did not have enough skills to do it at the time or I lost interest. And remember: Your game doesn't need to be fun. If you had fun making it and learnt something new in the process, then it was definitely worth it. And once you gather enough experience and you figure out what you actually want to make then make it but take your time. This is my second most valuable lesson that I learnt: Take it slow. When you have an idea of your dream game (personally I have one) do not rush to make it reality. Take your time, learn and once you have the experience then as I sad do it. It is not a good idea to start it right away and learn the things you need in the way because you'll probably lose interest in it. Why? Well you will sooner or later lose the dedication. It feels much better when you do it by yourself without the help of tutorials of some kind. I am not saying that tutorials are bad by any means as I wrote above, they are great for learning but bad for just copy-pasting them to one game and then to glue them somehow together to work, plus you might lose your inspiration and faith in yourself because technically you did not make the code of your own game and you might start asking yourself if it even makes sense when you clearly cannot make anything and that you are so much worse than others etc. But do not fall in to depression. Remember, it is never too late to start learning.

Final note: Do it yourself, learn form others, and when you can help others learn from you too.


Edit: Please note that this doesn't mean that I won't come to the project in the future. Also the Enter Entertainment Assets project is still pretty much alive and I will be trying my best to improve my Game Maker: Marketplace ratings.


It was a great adventure and I am so excited for the more things to come also I cannot thank you enough for your support, every like or simply just a play or download made me feel much better. And I mean every single one,

yours truly Max.


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4 years ago
iDev Commented:

I also think making small games is the way to go. I have a couple of larger games in the works but they are so difficult to start working on. I get a lot of satisfaction from completing the game and having something to show for it. Then I am able to put it behind me and start something new. Like you said, you will also learn more from doing it this way. You should not stop enter entertainment though, you should carry on under that name and grow it with smaller games. If you end enter entertainment you will lose all the hard work you have put in so far. You should see Enter as your portfolio for all your future games no matter how big or small. Just my two cents.

4 years ago
Enter Entertainment Studio Replied:

Thanks for the reply. With all that stuff that I wanted to add to the post I completely forgot to mention that it does not mean that I will never come back to the project. I want to add a few games to my "personal" portfolio tough. Also I forgot to mention that the Enter Entertainment Assets project is still alive and I'll be trying my best to improve my ratings on the Game Maker: Marketplace. Will update the post now.

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