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I recently challenged my local IGDA chapter to develop a game a month. There were a few interested teams/devs. I'm hoping to get them as involved as possible in the community here and on Kongregate. I feel that to get better as a dev you need to explore as many creative opportunities as possible. Keeping an open mind but not getting bogged down by extremely long projects. Thus, one month projects only! My first one month project is BLOXcalibur https://play.idevgames.co.uk/game/bloxcalibur/ . Technically it was created over a period of about 6 months but I only spent 4 days developing the first 25 levels and then I left it sit for almost 6 months. After that I spent another week adding an additional 25 levels and some minor story elements. I wouldn't have even touched it again had it not gotten over 3000 plays on Kongregate and a high enough rating to make it on the front page.

After that little success I felt it only right to try my hand at small projects continuously and drag the rest of my local community with me. So be on the lookout for a game every month from me and I will also be posting little blurbs about my other dev friends games as they create them as well.


Eric Langkamp

Exalted Guy Interactive

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5 years ago
iDev Commented:

Great idea, building small games is the reason I built this site. I built a commercial game by myself for steam and it almost killed me, it took many years. That's why I decided to make a site to give devs more earning opportunities from html5 games. I wish you the best of luck on your challenge and I hope some more members join in. I may even join in but for now I have many site improvements to implement first.

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5 years ago
AMGaming Commented:

I have actually personally been trying to do this myself: Release one small casual game once a month. My two games that I have already upload to iDev have taken under one month to develop.

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