Ad Support Has Been Removed

Posted: 2024-02-27 17:35:01 |    Posted by iDev |

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All ad supported games have now had the ads removed. If you have a game on our platform and you do not wish to have the game played without the ads then please remove your game.

I've not been able to sell any ad space or even give it away for many years now and has been funded purely by me. That being said very few legitimate (if any) developers have earned enough to even be paid. The biggest problem I've found though is the abuse. The site has constantly been hit with low quality spam traffic from members trying to earn money. Recently I tried to revive the ads by using another ad network to fill the ad space. We got banned from that platform due to this. Which has inevitably brought on the removal of the ad service.

However, we do still have a way to earn money from your games. The in game shop allows you to sell in game items and features easily. Allowing you to be paid directly into your paypal account. Also unlike ads, the in game shop encourages bigger better games that people want to play and pay for.

More importantly players never liked the ads and this greatly lowered the amount of players actually playing ad support games. I'd expect game plays will increase rapidly from now and this move will give our platform more credibility to players who didn't like the ads. Hopefully this'll drive more developers to start using the in game shop feature too.



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4 months ago
mangotronics Commented:

Sorry to hear that one method of revenue was removed, but glad to hear that the result will be positive!

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