Bombs La Bombs

Posted: 2017-05-14 09:03:12 |    Posted by Johnson 80 Games |

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Bombs La Bombs demo have been release to the general public for play. The demo version has 2 action pack levels that the player will get to show off their stuff. I've chose very bright and lively colors for the overall game design and feel. There is a huge UI for players to see their lives, bombs counter and score. So far, I have designed six more levels for the game which will be release in the full version. The new levels have the boss battles added and there will be a total of 6 different mini-boss's you will have to face and the very last level you will encounter the boss of Bombaland. This game I based on Bubble Bobble, Popeye and Rock, Paper, Scissor. Meaning that you will have to figure-out which power-up will help you defeat a baddie. 


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5 years ago
iDev Commented:

Enjoyed the game, looking forward to seeing more. Keep up the good work and welcome to the site!

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