Calling all Game Developers! Our new years gift for all of you!

Posted: 2021-01-04 10:15:48 |    Posted by DontMind8 |

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Calling all Game Developers! Hurry!

Are you involved in game development? Which tools and platforms do you use to build your creations? 

Take this survey and share your thoughts about the technologies and tools that make your work easier.

Enter the survey for a chance to win amazing prizes! Hurry!!!

7 Slots remaining to enter the survey

You could win this prizes:

  • SamsungGalaxy S20Plus
  • Acer #GamingLaptop
  • JetBrains and GitKraken licenses
  • Amazon vouchers
  • $1000 

Game creators, this survey is for you! Hurry!!!

7 Slots remaining to enter the survey

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