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Posted: 2019-01-09 19:47:05 |    Posted by iDev |

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I don't usually post when I do small updates but I think this one is worth mentioning. I've now changed the click to view ad button on the game pages. I posted a ad supported game to reddit and instantly got backlash for it. The backlash came from what the button said, instantly gamers were put off from the wording on the button. Although I then quickly deleted the post on reddit, I started thinking about it some more. Then I realized why the button was worded like it was and why they were right to be wary of clicking it.

Originally when the site was using ads (before I started the ads were terrible and not even gaming related. Though it allowed me to try and do what I had set out to do, help game developers earn more from their web games, so I decided that I would try and justify it. Long story short when I started I had become used to the button and no longer had why I created the button as I did in my mind.

So now the button is a simple play button like below:

Overall I tried to make the whole ad process more understandable to the player. I feel it has already made a big difference.

I also have found a few bugs and fixed them. One bug broke logging out on certain pages, the other stopped you from saving edits to your game once creating a new scoreboard. These are now fixed.

Also let me know what you think of the new changes!



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