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Posted: 2017-07-07 22:05:04 |    Posted by iDev |

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I've been making quite a few changes to the site this week, not obvious changes but under the hood kind of stuff. I've also heavily been working on SEO on the site. I'll admit the seo of the site hasn't been all that great up til now. With sites I have made in the past, Google is usually the main source of traffic, though for this site I wanted to connect with developers through twitter. Hoping to work more on the SEO as time went on. SEO is always on going and I still have a few more pages to optimise properly but I am planning on stepping up as this was always my plan. 

With the SEO I also made changes to social (twitter and facebook). Part of the reason I created the tutorials and dev logs was to give desktop, mobile and console game developers the chance to gain more exposure for their games. After all the site was always designed to help indie game developers. So now I have changed the message of the site, as its no longer and arcade, its a game development community! 

Also incase anyone was wondering, I don't have plans for offering desktop games on this site. I feel and Steam are better choices for selling desktop games. That's why I intergrated their widgets into this site to help game developers using these platforms to gain more exposure.

You also can now write a bio for your profile. This allows people to quickly find out about who you are and about your projects. I haven't put a limit on your bio either unlike twitter does. I think it's in everyones interest to make it look good so I wanted to leave you free to do that however you like. Text editor now has the option to edit source. Allowing you to change html and embed from other sites.

On a last note, I've been running game developer polls lately on twitter and decided to ask what type of game you would like to see the communitys developers make next:

I might do a few more of these changing up the game types. It's a bit of market research at the end of the day always interesting to find out what people want.



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