Developer Coins and Promoted Games!

Posted: 2020-01-04 21:05:02 |    Posted by iDev |

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Developer coins is a new currency that will be used to buy benefits on the site. Don't worry this is not something that can be brought for real money, these are earn't by playing games and interacting with the site. More importantly, they are earned by every member on the site. Although the twist is, the coins can only be spent by developers. This will be a bit of an experiment...

Basically, people enjoy giving. So we have options for people to donate through paypal etc. The problem is, most people are not willing to part with their money that can be used to buy other things. So it got me thinking, you would be more likely to give something to someone that you earned. Especially if the thing you had earned was essentially useless for your self but of benefit to someone else.

So you can reward any developer by visiting their game pages or profiles etc. These can then be used by developers to gain promotion for their games and hopefully for more things in the future. 

Developers can visit their edit game pages to see a new button called "Promotion funds" and you can add funds from your account to that game. It will then be displayed by random in the new promoted slots across the site using the games funds.

If you run into any problems please let me know and for now lets see how it goes.




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3 months ago
dxgerror Commented:

hey thanks for the coins you gifted me but it only showing 183 coins

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