Framework upgrade

Posted: 2020-08-08 17:57:45 |    Posted by iDev |

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This is not a big update but it is an important one. The site is built in the laravel framework and shortly after starting the rebuild laravel version 6.0 had been released. Since then version 7.0 had been released too. Luckily it didn't require a huge amount of changes. Although the main change that was requires was to ditch the old way of using global functions which I had carried over from the old site. I had to instead create it as a class.

This change means I had to go through almost all of the code on the site to update this and although I have gone through and tested every feature (I can think of). There's a possibility something I've missed has broken. So if you notice anything that isn't working right or get and error at all. Please let me know on twitter @HTML5Arcade.



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