Get the water devlog #1

Posted: 2018-03-04 15:39:04 |    Posted by Enter Entertainment Studio |

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As I sad before on my Twitter account (@er_et_), I am working on a new project for Android and

I won't include any screenshots in this post, but they should be in a next one. This post includes some basic information and Q&A of this project.

 So, Get the water will be a clicker game. In this game you will be a miner and you will be mining, well water. Sounds strange? - Don't worry :).





Q: When it will be released?

A: Well, it's too early to say a date, but I think it might be released at end of this March.



Q: Will be the web version mobile friendly?

A: Yes, it'll be.



Q: Will be the web version ad-free?

A: I don't know but probably yes.



Q: Will the web version lack some features?

A: Yes, but not much! There are some features that won't be in the web version:

a) game saving

b) Google Play Games services



Q: Will be the Android version free?

A: Yes, it'll be.

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4 years ago
iDev Commented:

Looking forward to finding out more!

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