Holiday Party (Game) Update and Closed Alpha Test

Posted: 2023-11-06 04:54:54 |    Posted by Patto108 |    

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Hi everyone,

I'm Pat. Nice to e-meet you guys.
This is my first time in this community (just know from my friend). If I don't do anything properly, please feel free to warn me.
My team and I have developed our first indie game, named "Holiday Party" for a year.

It is a holiday-themed battle royale & party game to give funny moments and celebrate a good time around the world. Our idea began with our inspiration from holidays and festivals around the world. They are memorable and fun to learn about other cultures. Meanwhile, our team loves party games like Getamped, Super Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, and Bishibashi. So we decided to do our own battle royale & party game. We selected the Unreal Engine which my friend is more expert in than other engines and my 3D artist friends prefer it also. 

I'm not sure that it can be called "make it from scratch". Firstly we focused on the core gameplay to make the funny battle arena. It consists of various basic movements to handle like walking, jumping, basic attack loops, and random obstacles on the stage which may make the game more unpredictable. Rough blocks were used until we thought the gameplay felt OK. After that, we gradually added the real 3D model.

The weapons were added one by one after that. We tested many times if it was fun. If it wasn't good to play, we removed it from the game.

Core Gameplay 

And we polished the stage.

Now we think that we have the core gameplay but we are curious if we come in the right direction for everyone.
(Developers think the game is fun but what about other players? (˃̣̣̥ ▿ ˂̣̣̥))

If you have some available time, we would like to invite you to play our first closed alpha version.

Do you have some available time to help us test our game and give us some feedback?
Do you have any recommendations for our first time?

Closed Alpha Test Date: 17-26 Nov 2023

Platform: Steam (PC - Windows)

Recommended Players Amount: 3-8 people at one time (you can invite your friends but if you are a solo player, we will have a special round for solo players.)

If you have some available time, please join our Discord for further information and discussion:
and fill out this form for the closed alpha key request:
(We will send the key to you on 17 Nov 2023 or before.)

Your feedback is invaluable in making the game more enjoyable for everyone.
If you have any issues or suggestions, please feel free to tell me.

Thank you everyone.

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