How to market your games through interaction

Posted: 2017-10-13 20:15:02 |    Posted by iDev |

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If you have spent any time in learning marketing for your games, you'll likely know that social marketing is always talked about. Which is a long and in depth subject people can often get lost in. Though really if you break it down and simplify it, its marketing through interaction. That doesn't just mean interaction with other people either but also it means interacting with the site itself.

Personally twitter is my favorite platform for social marketing so I'll use it in my example but the same should apply with any social platform. Think if you were looking around on twitter, who would you tend to start following? It won't necessarily be the person who knows most about the subjects your interested in. It's likely to be the person you see tweeting, someone who is following a lot of your followers or being followed by a lot of who your following. It's also likely to be someone who retweets and likes your tweets.

Instead start thinking of twitter or any other social platform like a spider web. Everything you do creates a new link between you and other members. Which every link is created through an interaction of some kind.

So the more interaction means the more you can be found as everything you do links back to your profile. The same applies to this site. Just by posting reviews and comments you are creating links back to your profile giving your games more exposure.

So get interacting to start growing!

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