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Posted: 2018-01-21 15:46:32 |    Posted by iDev |

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I've decided to make some drastic decisions on the future of this site after weighing up the positives and negatives. will no longer be a URL Shortener, instead it will be the dedicated advertising network for this site. Take a look at to find out more.

Here's a few reasons why I decided to do this.

The main reason is that url shortener traffic has bad stigma and there's a good reason why. These systems can be manipulated with bots or other cheaper url shortener traffic. Then masking the source, making it difficult to tell weather the source of the traffic is good or not. It's not traffic I wanted to purchase or provide to anyone else. This contributed to suspending the service a few months back.

My aim in releasing was to create a quality service. A network that gave gamers quality adverts they will want to see, game developers the best prices for their game plays and advertisers a unique source of high quality advertising. Gaming advertising that indie developers could promote their commercial games with that is affordable for everyone. The URL shortener doesn't allow me to do this and on top of that it also takes a lot of my time to monitor traffic. Where as now I will no longer need to monitor traffic sources giving me more time to focus on this site.

I originally thought the URL shortener could work and I believe with time it could of. Though I just don't think it would ever become the quality advertising network for indie game developers that I hoped it would be. That being said it is all early days for this site and I do believe that this is the right move that will benefit everyone in the long run.

Also I just wanted to talk about a small update too. Tristangre97 messaged me on twitter asking if there was a way to retrieve the players username so it could be used for a leaderboard in Minimal Tower Defense.

So this small update will allow you to access a players username from:

As you can see in Minimal Tower Defense it's useful for auto populating the name form in the leaderboards.

To be able to do this with your game you will need to be able to make ajax calls. I have shared these 2 tutorials for a jQuery implementation and how you could use this easily within construct 2:

Construct 2 example

jQuery example




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