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Ok If you haven't been upto date with the changes lately then you won't know what is going on. Basically I have started a URL shortener aimed towards gaming content. The ads will be gamer friendly aswell as family friendly. A geniune way to advertise game related content.!

This means all ads have been removed from the site and if you have a game uploaded then you will no longer be earning from your games. You will be required to create an account at if you would like to start earning from your games again. To start earning from your games again follow the below.

Important to note:

How to start earning again

To start earning from your games again you can add your API key to your settings at the top of the site (when logged in). 


All existing embed code must be updated

It's a huge shame but changing over to our own platform mean't breaking the existing embed code. So unfortunatly you will now need to update any embed code with the new embed code from either the free game page or from the indivdual game pages.


I've invested a fair bit of money into making this happen but I believe this was the only way to continue growing this site and taking full control over the way we earn from it. Hopefully this will be the start of something really great for all of us. Also don't forget to use URL shortening services for your own sharing and share with all your game dev friends!




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