IMPORTANT: Removal of ads from the platform (Please Read and Respond)

Posted: 2017-07-22 13:36:20 |    Posted by iDev |

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Last night when trying the new games on the site I hit adult ads twice which is completely unacceptable. Ive contacted and the response was just please report the ad which I already had. 

I've worked hard to try and make this platform to help developers earn money but now this has become a problem. This could destroy the reputation I've worked so hard to achieve. Of coarse before doing anything I need your opinions. I know a lot of the developers here have uploaded their games in the hope of earning money. I always hoped that was a temporary ad network until I could either work with a company or find a better solution. Currently I can not find anything better and we are not yet big enougth to sell advertising our self.

Of coarse the site does and will still allow for asking for patreon subscribers or paypal donations but all ad's will be removed. I won't act on this yet but please comment and share your thoughts. Would you still host your game on the site if ads were removed (as you are free to delete your games at any time)? Would this stop you from uploading future games?

For now I will continue talking to to see what they say, as the site states the site should not contain any adult ads. Though please let me know what you think as this is important.




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