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London, 18th century. 


In another life you were a sailor, but a set of bad decisions and an unforgiving storm has thrown you and the remains of your embarcation on the beaches of some forgotten archipelago in the pacific.

Lost and alone, far way from home and civilization, you will have to show resolve and cleverness to adapt to the extreme situation that awaits you. 

Looking for remains of your embarcation, on the beach.

Island is a roleplay and strategy game inspired from two classical books, Robinson crusoe and Mysterious Island, and offers you the closest possible exploration of the original scenario : the long term harsh experience of a lone individual surviving on a desert island.


You will gradually learn the tools of the survivor trade and will have to both focus on the short and long term aspects of staying alive. You won't just scavenge, fish, hunt, and search for babbles amongst the wrecked remains of your embarcation. Pain and trial will make you a new man. Learn to hide your scent from your preys. Salt your meat. Cook clay and make recipients. Dig a canoe and explore nearby islands. Spot the areas with the more ressources, the best fishing spots, or the valley with the most generous fruit trees. Learn. Adapt. Never let your guard down.

Don't stay too long under a storm.

A particular set of islands is generated at the beginning of each game, and it's up to you, deducing from your first expeditions around, to choose what skills to learn first, where and if to go, and how to shelter yourself at night. 

The game is built on a set of realistic rules : you can get freezing cold under storms, or terribly thirsty under the blazing sun. Keep an eye on the sun, your only way of measuring time. Prepare a shelter for each night wandering further from your base camp. Avoid serious injuries, as some can sometimes take weeks to recover. Pain, loneliness and fear can instigate depression or even madness in your character. Plan, & prepare for everything. 

Wandering around at night can be extremely dangerous.

For the first time you will be able to follow through months of your survival experience, excruciatingly learning the cost of each more day of existence, each day aching, and soothing what you can. You'll explore the island, you'll make it yours. Then, months after months, carefully planning your escape method, build, repair, stock on provisions, you'll choose the ideal moment. Will you show sufficient resolve and make it, or will one more lifeless body join the others, at the bottom of the ocean ?


Island will be launched on kickstarter in may. Release date 2019.

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5 years ago
iDev Commented:

Looks great, good luck!

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5 years ago
Enter Entertainment Studio Commented:

Looks awesome, good luck!

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