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Posted: 2017-06-13 18:55:45 |    Posted by iDev |

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It's been awhile since i've posted about any updates. Although I didn't write about it, shortly after my last update I worked on the liking system as I wanted it all to work with comments and reviews too. It was a system I had built too many years ago but once looking at it I soon realised it was a disaster, so I rebuilt it. That's nothing new though. Also something else I didn't mention is that the text editor for writing posts and game descriptions has the abilty for uploading images making it simple to make your posts and game descriptions extra special!

That's just what has been on the site for awhile for anyone that missed it or didn't notice. Over the past couple of days i've managed to make some more changes. One for instance, is the "blockquote" format in the text editor. Which now looks like this:

Great example iDev!

Which I quite like, and if you use the "code" format:

Some basic code


Do Stuff!


So now you can make tutorials look a bit nicer like this!

Also i've done some minor changes to the registration system and login system all behind the scenes stuff, nothing to get excited about. More importantly is the image resizing when adding game icons and featured images. It wasn't doing this before and it has been slowing the site down and wasn't very efficient at all. I could have just forced everyone to upload the right dimentions but that makes life hard for developers and like the aim has always been, I want the site to be as simple and as fast as can be to get your games online. Making a new set of graphics for each platform for your game is a chore.

That being said, you don't loose quality when scaling an image down but you will if you scale it up. So for quality reasons the site still requires your assets are above a certain size, but nothing likely bigger then you will already have or will need for uploading else where. Also I went through and made sure I reuploaded every games images.

I've also made some minor changes to the embed code, i found a problem with embedding games into a wordpress site but this has now been fixed. It won't affect anyone already embedding games if the embed code worked before either.

I'm starting to feel that some dev's are really getting behind the site and the idea behind it. The idea being that when you upload a game on your own hosting you will have no help marketing your game. That's why we upload our games to platforms to reap the rewards of tapping into the right market (gamers) at the right time (when they want to play games). So it's also my duty to relentlessly grow the players and awareness of the site so you get your games played and earn more money to make more games! Which is why I introduced the embed code a long time back that allows you to earn while being played on any site. It's also why I added the link at the bottom of the page "Free games for your website" Which turned out to be this sites best ranked page on google. Though before the embed code was only listed on each individual game pages, so now i've turned that page into a list of all the games to help people looking to embed games on their site!

Also on a final note I made a facebook page xD I don't completely get facebook yet, but give it a like and share with your friends if you like. 



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