Meet Deju.

Posted: 2019-03-29 16:54:18 |    Posted by Enter Entertainment Studio |

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Hello everyone,

recently I published my new game, Deju. You can play it here or pre-register on Google Play. Additionally, Deju will be also released on Aptoide. The Android version should release in a few days. Next, do you remember this project? Well, let's say the March 2018 release date didn't work out very well. But the project isn't dead, but I have been concentrating on other projects. I also thought about making The Game About a Game web demo version, but I am not decided on that yet as it would mean to port the game to another engine, because I don't have a GameMaker: Studio 2 web license, and giving the fact that I am trying to move from the GameMaker: Studio to Godot and to learn web development I don't think that will happen.

More info on Deju

I am planning to release some updates for Deju. I won't say what or when as it might never happen. The only thing I can guarantee is that the Android version will arrive. The Google Play version will feature banner ads (sorry). The web and Aptoide versions will both remain ad-free.

have a nice day!

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5 years ago
iDev Commented:

I often find myself in the same situation. You get far in a project but then you start working on existing or new projects. It's always a great feeling when you do get them released though. I might have to take a look at godot some time as I didn't know it had a webgl exporter.

5 years ago
Enter Entertainment Studio Replied:

I completely agree with you.

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