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Posted: 2017-09-19 16:39:19 |    Posted by iDev |

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The site is now hosted on a new server with some added benefits. Hosted on solid state drives, we should now have a quicker site which I notice most when playing the games on the site as they seem to load faster. Though mainly I moved server for one reason...

Some members may have noticed that I had posts posted constantly on twitter. I was scheduling tweets through a site called crowdfireapp. It took time to schedule and I wasn't always so sharp on scheduling them if I had no more to go out.

Traffic has gradually died down because I stopped scheduling them for a couple of weeks. In that time crowdfireapp changed it so I could no longer schedule tweets unless I paid... A lot! So I looked back into using the twitter API when I finally narrowed it down to an error about port 443 which I spent a week back and forth trying to solve with my hosting. So I decided to change hosting.

So now we have a fully fledged automatic solution which posts games out randomly every half an hour. Which as I have recently fixed twitter cards displays a few lines of your game description along side your game image.

Crowdfireapp used to automatically change all links to their shorten link URL too. So now, is used instead and creates your links with an alias like As displays advertising, the links will automatically be generated for the developers account. Earning the developer more money and gaining more players as everyone who comes through @HTML5Arcade twitter account will see the advertising before they see your game.

I have no dout that this will gain more players and bring traffic levels past what it was before. Also if you run into any problems since the move please let me know as I had to fix a few things.





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