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Posted: 2017-10-08 15:12:18 |    Posted by iDev |

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I know it's been awhile since I've made any changes to the site. I am always doing something either with or this site. Though lately it's been things like the twitter bot, moving server, seo and marketing. I'm always growing the twitter followers as well as maintaining everything which all takes time. So development has been slow lately. That being said as far as this site goes, it's likely I wont be developing any major additions to the site. I've thought about adding other major site additions like an asset library but I've decided against this as I don't think that's the right decision to make. The site is designed to be simple and sometimes more doesn't always mean better.


I instead want to focus on making what we have better, refining the bits that need to be refined. Developing onto the site so it is more social and adding additions that improve what we have. I think the site does what it needs to do, easily and well. It'll soon be out of "beta" too. 


So I'll start with a minor fix I've made. Ever since including the statistics pages, the pagination has never worked on the referrals list. Which has been a pain, one of the reasons I included this is I always like to see where my traffic has come from. Its important to see if your marketing has performed well. Unfortunately I haven't been able to bring myself to recode this which is what I thought I would have to do. Though luckily I've managed to fix it! Also I fixed the password reset a few weeks back which had stopped working a while back but didn't mention it in an update.


So other then fixes I've also made an improvement. Going back a fair bit there was a time on the site that when you liked a game you would have a redirect back to the page like the review and commenting system. Which now it is seamless with a nice animation to let you know you liked it, like twitter. Ever since then it was added to my to do list to make the commenting and review system work in the same way.


So now it is! Allowing you to post a review or comment without leaving the page and deleting them to write a new one incase of making a mistake. It's instant too. As I test all the games on the site, I will always leave a review to let others know what I think. I find that I will have to wait till I have finished playing the game knowing that it will be redirected which will reload the game. Which is off putting and lowers the rate of interaction from players. With it seamless and instant there is no reason you wouldn't want to at least leave a star rating if not a comment too.


Also I've added the liking system to profile comments and reviews. As it's easier to keep track of your likes as well as make it easier for your fans to like what you say.


So why not leave me a comment with what you think of this latest update!




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