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Posted: 2017-11-10 18:57:46 |    Posted by iDev |

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It's been a while since I've made any major changes to the site. I'm always working towards improving the site but finally had some time to develop a system that I have been meaning to make for a while. 

Up til now we are oblivious to how other members are interacting with our games and posts on the site. Other then actually looking through your games and posts on a regular basis theres no way to tell if anyone has actually left a review, comment or liked your content. While also not being able to tell who liked your content. Which is important, if someone likes your content I always want to be able to leave a like on their content.

So the new notification system allows us to stay up to date with everything from any page at any time. I've spent some time trying to make this system not only look right but work right too.

With the new notification system comes a new email notification that can be turned on and off in the settings. An automated email will be sent to you once you receive a new notification. Though only if you haven't any other new notifications already. You will have to mark your notifications as read to receive a new email when you receive your next new notification.

Although this system isn't groudbreaking, i think it will be a huge addition in moving forward with the site.



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